Our speakers will be sharing their experiences, strength, and hope. 

Robin Alexandra

Circle Facilitator, Tam Integration

Emil Amos

Moudou Baqui

Spokesperson; Board member, Detroit Decriminalize Nature; Detroit Psychedelic Conference

Elizabeth Bast

Co-Founder, SoulCentro Iboga Retreats

Joël Brierre

CEO & Founder, Tandava Retreats

Kamya Buch

Founder, Psychedelic Society India

Becca Evans

Entheogenic Addiction Counselor and Psilocybin Guide

Paulmarq Francois

Author and Self Acceptance Coach, Psychedoula

Hamilton Garces

Sound Healer

Kayse Gehret

Founder, Microdosing for Healing

Mitchell Gomez

Executive Director, DanceSafe

Alyssa Gursky

Therapist, Psychedelic Art Therapy

Jacob Hadamik

SSDP Ambasador

Danielle Herrera

Psychedelic Psychotherapist, Sage Integrative Health

Dave Hodges

Church of Ambrosia

Ethereal Hope

Spiritual Integration Guide

Roger Ingraham

Awakening and Embodiment Guide

Moshe Jacobson

Founder, PsyAtlanta and EntheoCoach

Jean Johnson

Jazz LeiAmora

Sacred Musician

Lorna Liana

Nicole Lilly

Somatic Therapist, Educator, and Experiential Guide

Houiea Love

Multidimensional Healing Artist

Jyoti Ma

Founder, The Fountain

Ian MacKenzie

Co-Founder, The School of Mythopoetics

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