Nicole Lilly

Somatic Therapist, Educator, and Experiential Guide Somatic Therapist and Experiential Guide with over 12 years in the Healing Arts, Masters degree in Body Psychotherapy from Naropa University, licensed massage therapist, advocate and presenter in the decriminalization policy movement.

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Nicole Lilly specializes in holistic transformation through somatics, energetics, psyche-emotional intelligence, and spiritual alchemy. As an experiential educator, she elevates the inherent wisdom of each individual’s innate capacities within the context of their living ecosystem. Nicole holds a Masters degree in Body Psychotherapy from Naropa University, is a licensed massage therapist, and has studied and synthesized many modalities and trauma-informed approaches over her 12-years in the Healing Arts. She lives in Denver and is an active advocate, researcher, and national presenter in the entheogenic space and decriminalization policy movement.

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Sit With This: The Role Guides Play

May 21, 2022, 05:00 PM
Nicole Lilly Moshe Jacobson Kole Whitty