Jean Johnson

Late-life psychonaut, long-time yogini, intrepid self-healer, mom, wife, athlete, dog lover

About this speaker

Jean has been co-leading the Women’s Integration Circle at Tam Integration since February of 2021. She began in earnest to address a lifetime of depression, anxiety and addictions through the skillful use of psychedelic assisted psychotherapy in the spring of 2019. Well on the other side of that work now she is in a phase of exploration and expansion, focusing on nurturing psychedelic breakthroughs in women of all ages. She is currently enrolled in the Being True to You: Addiction Recovery and Psychedelic Integration certified coaching program. Jean holds over 1200 hours of formal yoga teacher training and has been teaching yoga, mindfulness and meditation for over 15 years.


Inviting The Divine Feminine: When Women Come Together in Psychedelic Spaces

May 20, 2022, 07:30 PM
Robin Alexandra Jean Johnson Becca Evans Mikaela Valentino Kayse Gehret