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Moshe Jacobson

Founder, PsyAtlanta and EntheoCoach Founder of PsyAtlanta and EntheoCoach, and founding member of the Association of Entheogenic Practitioners

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About this speaker

Moshe started working with psychedelic medicine in 2012. In 2015 he founded the Atlanta psychedelic community PsyAtlanta, which now has over 2300 members.

In 2017 he began working as an integration coach and psychedelic journey guide and founded EntheoCoach, which is now his full-time livelihood.

Moshe is also a founding member of the Association of Entheogenic Practitioners, A religious professional organization and mutual aid society uniting practitioners from many traditions who share a sincere belief in the religious nature of the entheogenic experience in order to expand safe access to such experiences.   


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