Houiea Love

Multidimensional Healing Artist Certified Reiki and La Ho Chi Master, author, healer, and teacher of spirituality via Shamanism, the Akashic Records and IFA

About this speaker

Houiea LOVE is a Multidimensional Healing Artist. As a healer, he offers and teaches spirituality via Shamanism, the Akashic Records and IFA to a following of over 9k folks from around the world. He also does energy healing as a certified Reiki and La Ho Chi Master. His current artistic endeavors include authorship, with the writing of his first novel, and second book. Houiea recently released the second installment of his meditation series, Dreamscape Volume 2 and each of his music projects are now currently streaming on all music platforms! He has received practitioner initiations in IFA through O.I.D.S.I in 2018 as well as initiations to facilitate Grandmother Ayahuasca and Mushroom Medicine in September of 2020. Houiea's healing work has been featured in Time Square with American Eagle, Logo TV and on Huffington Post, in partnership with Hetrick Martin Institute. He's also been featured with Vogue in partnership with Afro Punk.


Cultivating and Maintaining Integrity within Holistic Medicinal Work

May 22, 2022, 09:30 PM
Houiea Love