Jacob Hadamik

SSDP Ambasador SSDP Ambasador, musician, advocate for mental health, drug, and bail reform

About this speaker

Jacob Hadamik is a recent graduate of counseling and is currently working towards his Licensure. Jacob has also been an advocate for bail reform, drug reform, and mental health reform to focus on rectifying the war on drugs and increase access to care for disenfranchised populations. Jacob is an ambassador for Students for a Sensible Drug Policy and has participated in the 2nd cohort of the psychedelic pipeline. Jacob is a musician in his spare time. He plans to become an integration therapist where he can utilize music, scientifically backed therapeutic techniques, and psychedelics to help alleviate mental health issues.


Clinical and Ceremonial Uses of Music

May 21, 2022, 01:30 AM
Jacob Hadamik Jazz LeiAmora Hamilton Garces Eric Sienknecht