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Danielle Herrera

Psychedelic Psychotherapist, Sage Integrative Health Psychedelic Psychotherapist at Sage Integrative Health trained in Harm Reduction, primarily working with under-represented communities or alternative identities

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About this speaker

I am a tender-hearted and non-pathologizing person-centered and emotion-focused therapist, primarily trained and practiced in Harm Reduction and Psychedelic Psychotherapy. My lens prioritizes decolonization of psychotherapy, Anti-racism, feminism, and radical access. I will meet you exactly where you are. I utilize Indigenous practices/rituals, somatic practices, and non-traditional healing modalities when appropriate with clients. I work primarily with trauma, spiritual immersion, death/dying, and historically under-represented communities or alternative/fringe identities (queer, kink, poly-affirming, sex-workers, psychedelic, houseless/unstably housed, intuitives/healers, radicals and rebellious, etc).


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