Our speakers will be sharing their experiences, strength, and hope. 

India Mayorga

Founder, Crystalline Heart Foundation

NurseDeb McCauley

NurseDebb, LLC, NurseDebb, LLC

Eric McFadden

Funhead, Musician/performer/songwriter

Ron Millward

Founder & President, Balanced Veterans Network

Juliana Mulligan

Coach, Inner Vision Ibogaine Coaching

Shane Norte

Church of the People

Laura Mae Northrup

Author, Radical Healership

Mario Alonso Oneiros

Author of Onirocosmos, and Co-founder of Project NIDO

Leonard Pickard

Author, The Rose of Paracelsus: On Secrets and Sacraments

Tom Pinkson

Founder & Director, A New Vision of Living

Jon Quest

Reiki Master, Certified Yoga Teacher, Plant Medicine Advocate, and an Intuitive Healer/Lightworker, Quest the Yogi

Laura Riley

Portland Integration Network, LLC, Portland Integration Network, LLC

Andrew Rose

Educator & Coach, Andrew Rose Integration

Daniel Shankin

Founder, Tam Integration

Erica Siegal

Founder, NEST Harm Reduction

Eric Sienknecht Psy.D

Clinical Psychologist and Co-founder, Polaris Insight Center

Sophie Strand

Author, The Flowering Wand, The Madonna Secret

Will Sui MD

psychiatrist, speaker, writer, educator

Beni Summers

Rabbinic Intern, Shefa

Joe Tafur

Co-Founder | Author, The Fellowship of the River, Church of the Eagle of the Condor

Antonia Talayeh

Founder, The Rainbow Bridges, Somatic Assisted Self Discovery

Tobey Tobey

Founder / Integration Coach, Altered States Integration

Beth Topczewski

Spiritual Counselor

Mikaela Valentino

Community Educator

Jasmine Virdi

Freelance Journalist

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