Roger Ingraham

Awakening and Embodiment Guide Somatic therapist, Awakening and Embodiment guide who has been practicing and facilitating deep journeys and gatherings for over a decade using various modalities.

About this speaker

Roger is a somatic therapist, awakening + embodiment guide, and facilitator of transformational journeys. 17 years ago, inspired by an awakening, he committed himself to a lifelong path of rubber-meets-the-road growth and sharing it with others along the way.

In the space of shared presence, he guides you in a safe, deep and compassionate process towards embodying your next highest steps & decisions. Together, we navigate the subconscious waters of the deepest pattern eco-systems stored in your body that limit & liberate you, the deep truths of the inner-child and parents, and how that plays into your relationships, work, calling, and health. We begin the process of transforming somatically the familial self-replicating beliefs that underpin your life.

Through shared curiosity and actual discovery in the moment: new choices, specific practices, new paradigms, new ways of communicating, key skillsets, and relationship possibilities become available. Roger has been practicing + facilitating deep journeys and gatherings for over a decade, using various modalities.


Surviving and Thriving in Multidimensional Space

May 22, 2022, 01:15 AM
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