Moudou Baqui

Spokesperson; Board member, Detroit Decriminalize Nature; Detroit Psychedelic Conference Principle organizer for Decrim Detroit Prop E effort, spokeperson for Decrim Mich campaign National Decrim Board founder of HUUD Noetics (Healing Urban Communites through unleashed Divinity), Advocate Cultivator Educator Ally of entheogenic plants and experiences

About this speaker

Baba Moudou Baqui served as the spokesperson and a principle organizer of the 2021 Decriminalization of Entheogens in Detroit. Under the tutelage of “Ahati”(Grandmaster) Kilyndi Iyi he studied African combative martial arts and sacred plants use and culture for over 20 years, in this pursuit he was exposed to the knowledge and application, cultivation and cultural history of entheogens. He has further continued his studies of ancient human history, metacognition and entheogens via travel on several continents. He has been a return speaker at Breaking convention and several other platforms throughout the U.K. , Germany, Turkey, Africa and the Americas. His current focus is utilizing the Psychedelic experience as a therapeutic tool for addiction and depression and educating the public on the major benefits of these substances. Moudou also operates as a cultivation educator, psychedelic sitter/teacher/ guide. He is the founder of H.U.U.D Noetics (Healing Urban Communities Through Unleashed Divinity) which focus on the treatment of addiction, depression, PTSD, anxiety and the like though the use of psychedelic ritual and substances, ultimately we work toward the self- actualization of disaffected communities of color through advanced spiritual technologies.


Go Big to Go Home: High Dose Panel

May 22, 2022, 02:30 AM
Colin Wells Shane Norte Moudou Baqui Dave Hodges