Antonia Talayeh Roger Ingraham Beth Weinstein

Surviving and Thriving in Multidimensional Space

A Talk by Antonia Talayeh , Roger Ingraham and Beth Weinstein

About this Talk

We'll be discussing Core Survival Strategies and how they are alive in the multidimensional. We can learn how to work with our patterning and somatic/emotional memory to move from fragmentation through re-consolidation of past experience into the here and now, and into a new experience, new agreements and a new reality.

Working with the body, soul, the transpersonal, and memory- simultaneously and in relationship, allows us access to a deep experience of self that is differentiated from our history, hurts, learned defensive patterns, and current experiences in life- the unconscious recreates the emotional wound with the impulse to heal it at the core.

May 22, 2022, 01:15 AM

01:15 AM - 02:15 AM

About The Speakers

Antonia Talayeh

Antonia Talayeh

Founder, The Rainbow Bridges, Somatic Assisted Self Discovery

Founder of the Rainbow Bridges School of Integrative Studies, worked in apprenticeship with Mexican and American Shamans, Elders and teachers, facilitates deep meditation journeys using various modalities

Roger Ingraham

Roger Ingraham

Awakening and Embodiment Guide

Somatic therapist, Awakening and Embodiment guide who has been practicing and facilitating deep journeys and gatherings for over a decade using various modalities.

Beth Weinstein

Beth Weinstein

Spiritual Business Coach; host of The Psychedelic Entrepreneur Podcast - Medicine for These Times, / Psychedelics, Sacred Medicines, Purpose and Business

As a spiritual/entheogenic business coach, Beth helps current and aspiring Psychedelic Pioneers, coaches, and healers align with your purpose and grow your business so you can help more people, Share Your Unique Medicine, and have a successful business you love working from anywhere on earth.