India Mayorga

Ancient Tools of Integration

A Talk by India Mayorga (Founder, Crystalline Heart Foundation)

About this Talk

Our energetic bodies are navigating through time and space transitioning into a human metamorphosis where the collective consciousness is expanding as part of our evolution and plant medicines are making their presence louder.

For those of us who have worked with plant medicines there is a recognition that a spirit is embedded in each of the plants we sit with and that mother earth has made a powerful move in the past 40 years to send a message to all humans in our path of healing though this new era of technology advancement.

When we consume any plant medicine we are being weaved into the network of consciousness of planet earth and other dimensions within it. As part of this journey that is new, unique and different to each one of us, integration is one of the main keys to ensure we weave this thread into this matrix with pure integrity and strength.

Our ancestors and original people of the lands have shared a message of simplicity and contemplation as an important tool. It is only in such moments where we create a different reality and continue in a path of true purpose.

Memories, words, sounds have been weaved into fabrics of indigenous people as an art of contemplation, braiding the sequence and the messages received from the plant medicines. This act ensures the vibration is held in time and space allowing the pattern of life that we dream to become manifest into a peaceful world.

Before there was any writing, the elders of a tribe would share their visions in the form of story, speaking the words into existence after a private session of contemplation and meditation in nature. To come to this knowing of sharing words of wisdom, meditation and contemplation are the main tools for mindfulness, the act of BEING --through deep silence and listening, receiving the information from this network of super consciousness. A reminder that Mindfulness is a springboard to get us back into who we are and our connection to all, these are the tools of decolonization of the mind.

Such practice never ends, it's a constant action, we are always integrating the messages we receive from nature to keep clearing more paths of healing our ancestors and the genetic imprint we carry in our DNA because of the inter-connectivity within.

Sitting in a hammock and being in silence is an art, contemplation is an art, mindfulness is an art, these are the ancient tools of our ancestors for integrating the messages received from the spiritual realm that connects us all. Let us enter into a perpetual state of mindfulness in order to decolonize our mind and heal ourselves.

May 22, 2022, 07:30 PM

07:30 PM - 08:30 PM

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India Mayorga

India Mayorga

Founder, Crystalline Heart Foundation

Co-founder of Imiloa Institute Retreat Center in Costa Rica and Founder of Crystalline Heart Foundation, whose main aim is to build a bridge between ancient wisdom and the integration between the new generations and mother nature.