Mikaela Valentino

Community Educator Community Educator and Artist who creates non-judgement and benefit optimized healing spaces, studied under teachers of Western tantra and traditional Mexica ceremony and womb healing

About this speaker

Mikaela grew up in a multi-cultural, afro-indigenous, mexican and first generation italian household in Los Angeles - occupied Tongva territory. She now lives in San Diego - occupied Cahuilla and Kumeyaay territory with her family and friends. After studying under teachers of western tantra, traditional mexica ceremony and womb healing in the ma'at tradition, Mikaela has committed herself to education and community care. ‚Äč She creates non-judgement, benefit optimized and healing space for people looking to delve into the mushWOMB consciousness in group and solo setting.


Inviting The Divine Feminine: When Women Come Together in Psychedelic Spaces

May 20, 2022, 07:30 PM
Becca Evans Mikaela Valentino Jean Johnson Robin Alexandra Kayse Gehret