Juliana Mulligan

Coach, Inner Vision Ibogaine Coaching Psychedelic Program Coordinator at The Center for Optimal Living, Ibogaine specialist with Inner Vision Ibogaine, certified EMT, co-author of a guide for finding safe access to Ibogaine treatment clinics

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My training for this work began with seven years of struggling with opioid dependency, subsequently going through traditional rehabs, opioid maintenance therapy, and 12 step programs before finally finding freedom with Ibogaine in 2011. Although the treatment was a success, the clinic did not followed proper safety protocols and I ended up in the hospital. Due to this experience, I have been very focused on Ibogaine treatment safety guidelines and have co-authored a guide for finding a safe clinic. After my treatment I became a certified EMT and trained in three Ibogaine clinics in South Africa, Costa Rica, and Mexico, acting as a provider and lay-therapist. I have also presented and been a panelist at multiple Ibogaine, Psychedelic, and Harm Reduction conferences and my story has been featured in Woman’s Day magazine Double Blind magazine, and on the Psymposia website. I recently finished an undergraduate degree at the New School in Psychology and am currently working as the Psychedelic Program Coordinator at The Center for Optimal Living.

I have been working with individuals and their families over the phone for the last five years, helping them to prepare for and integrate their Ibogaine experiences.

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Sexual Trauma, Safety, And Healing

May 21, 2022, 10:45 PM
Juliana Mulligan Laura Riley Laura Mae Northrup