Colin Wells

Founder, Veterans Walk and Talk Founder of Veterans Walk and Talk - an organization focused on traditional therapies to heal our deepest wounds, Veteran of Afghanistan having served in the Army Infantry, published writer and speaker

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Colin Wells is a veteran, advocate, writer, and the founder of Veterans Walk and Talk. VWAT was formed in 2016 as an outdoor peer therapy hiking group, focused on traditional therapies to heal our deepest wounds. He refers to VWAT and it’s approach as Guerrilla Wellness, doing whatever it takes to help heal the veteran community. He has walked and talked with veterans from California to Maryland and many states in between. There are now multiple VWAT chapters all over the country. Colin is a veteran of Afghanistan having served in the Army Infantry. Through VWAT he gives free psychedelic micro doses and cannabis medicines to its members during the hikes. VWAT members who show up consistently are also given an opportunity for deeper mushroom/spiritual healing through The Church of the People for Creator and Mother Earth on the La Jolla Indian Reservation. Wells is a published writer and has spoken at various levels of government on behalf of veteran wellness. Read more about the VWAT mission at

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