Eric Sienknecht Jazz LeiAmora Jacob Hadamik Hamilton Garces

Clinical and Ceremonial Uses of Music

A Talk by Eric Sienknecht Psy.D , Hamilton Garces , Jacob Hadamik and Jazz LeiAmora

About this Talk

We will talk about how music and psychedelics could potentially revolutionize the mental health field and help heal society, and explore the relationship between music and psychedelics to create effective settings for healing. We will also talk with musicians who have been influenced by psychedelics in creating their music and how psychedelics and music have impacted their life. Bonus, we will also have a solo performance from Jazz Lei Amora.

May 21, 2022, 01:30 AM

01:30 AM - 02:30 AM

About The Speakers

Eric Sienknecht

Eric Sienknecht Psy.D

Clinical Psychologist and Co-founder, Polaris Insight Center

Dr. Sienknecht is a licensed clinical psychologist in private practice in San Francisco and co-founder of Polaris Insight Center, a ketamine-assisted psychotherapy clinic and training center.

Hamilton Garces

Hamilton Garces

Sound Healer

Sound healer, breathwork & energy practitioner

Jacob Hadamik

Jacob Hadamik

SSDP Ambasador

SSDP Ambasador, musician, advocate for mental health, drug, and bail reform

Jazz LeiAmora

Jazz LeiAmora

Sacred Musician

Sacred Musician, Sound and Energy Healer, Medicine Woman, Reiki Master, Kundalini Yoga Instructor